21 - 23 September 2020

Oman Convention & Exhibition Centre,
Muscat, Oman

in Partnership with

Oman Ministry


Overview of the Conference

The Oman Health Conference provides the number one platform for health and medical professionals to meet and network with those from the private and non-profit sector. It provides an ideal opportunity for leading stakeholders to listen, learn and engage.

The cost of public healthcare across the GCC region (including Oman) continues to rise dramatically, and future additional investment will be needed to continue to meet growing demand. Increasingly policymakers are looking at the private sector to take a prominent role in supplying medical treatment and care.

Oman Healthcare Exhibition brings together ‘front-line’ practitioners with those from the private sector who are supporting the effective delivery and world-class range of services and facilities available across the Sultanate (this will include leading teaching professionals, consultants, technology providers, pharma manufacturers).

Key themes that will shape the conference agenda for 2020:

The long-term planning required to meet the increasing healthcare requirements of an ever-expanding population

The Sultanate’s population is expected to exceed 7 million by 2040.

Managing growing rates of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs)

Effective public policy measures being introduced to meet the increase in “lifestyle diseases” ranging from obesity and diabetes to cardiovascular disease and cancer.

Forming partnerships with the private and voluntary sector to facilitate new investment & enhance service delivery

Outline the plans in place (via Public-Private Partnerships) to build new infrastructure, manage service delivery, structure ancillary services and improve patient care pathways.

The accelerated adoption of digital healthcare within a robust and effective regulatory framework

Analysis into how big data, AI and other relevant technologies can be progressed in the future for the quality and speed of delivery of healthcare services.

Why Sponsor Oman Healthcare Conference?

  1. Create relationships with key medical practitioners and policymakers who are actively seeking world-class partners, investors and advisors to manage and grow the healthcare market
  2. Brand your company as integral to the ongoing development of Oman’s healthcare sector.
  3. Position your company as central to the strategic direction the healthcare industry is heading and showcase the role you are playing in this transformation.
  4. Spend face-to-face time with existing and future customers and partners and demonstrate your commitment to Oman’s healthcare industry.
  5. Profile your latest technology, services, product solutions and applications and demonstrate the value that it delivers to your customers.