The Medical Tourism Exhibition will feature products and services related to medical tourism. It will also showcase the biggest hospitals and healthcare and medical centers around the world. The exhibition is designed to open a gateway to bring in foreign expertise, advanced and specialized treatment and services and state-of-the-art medical technology and equipment that Oman could benefit from.

Oman ranks high in terms of attractiveness as a medical tourism destination (as measured by overall country image, environment, healthcare and tourism attractiveness and infrastructure, and availability and quality of medical facilities and services. There is still much to be done; however, to improve the quality of its hospitals and international accreditations, rehabilitating and developing the infrastructure, and upgrading the quality of its medical facilities and services.

International players in the medical and healthcare industry are increasingly focusing efforts to leverage the lucrative Oman market.

Opportunities in Medical Tourism

Nearly a 120,000 Omanis go abroad for medical care as a result of long waiting lists for surgical and other procedures in Oman’s public and private hospitals and the requirement for more specialized services and resources.

The Oman government is encouraging foreign investment in the country’s healthcare sector to support the growing demand for these services. This will also pave the way for new investment opportunities resulting from the several multi-million-dollar healthcare projects currently being constructed all over the sultanate and in the pipeline.

Alongside the government’s long-term strategy, Health Vision 2050, Oman, in the meantime, is looking to benefit from the planned projects and partnerships with foreign companies to build high-quality centers and hospitals, bring in foreign expertise, specialists, specialized treatment and services, and state-of-the-art medical systems and technology.