The Oman Health Conference hosted by Oman Ministry of Health offers a unique opportunity for healthcare and medical professionals in the Sultanate to engage with those from the private and non-profit sectors. In an endeavor to promote advancements, research and development in the healthcare field, the conference presents a forum for experts from government institutions, healthcare universities, clinical research associations, and other healthcare ventures to share technical insights and facilitate impactful discussions to develop the healthcare ecosystem.

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Key Topics for 2024 Agenda

  • Unveiling Oman's Potential: Strategies for Growth in Health Tourism
  • Securing a Healthy Future: Exploring Diversified and Sustainable Funding Models for Healthcare
  • Empowering a Culture of Health: Building a Society Free from Health Risks and Hazards
  • Investing in the Future: Strategies for Expanding Medical Specialties, Specialized Institutes, and a Skilled Workforce
  • Empowering Communities: Strategies for a Decentralized Healthcare System Built on Trust and Equity
  • Revolutionizing Healthcare: Technology for Seamless Care, Optimized Prevention, and Increased Accessibility
  • Building a Sustainable Healthcare System: The Role of Insurance Penetration in developing robust healthcare systems.

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